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My professional organization, the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, does not allow for solicited testimonials from psychotherapy clients. The following testimonials are unsolicited samples from therapy clients and solicited from non-psychotherapy workshops.

Dr. Steven Lake’s Breathwork Workshop was a unique and intriguing experience. It opened doors and challenged me to see myself at a deeper level. The work done that day continues to influence my days and the way I think about things. Definitely life-changing, and I would do it over again.

(Kim - Executive Assistant)

I enjoyed having the opportunity to experience breath work for the first time in this comfortable setting. It is truly amazing what the body will present when it is not restrained by the mind. Dr. Lake created a comfortable space for this personal exploration to happen.


Steven should be spelled St. Even because he is the saint of keeping a group moving forward on an Even keel. I love his sensitivity and his ability to bring his insights and understanding to the group process. He seems effortlessly to combine stories with a lesson attached, wisdom, with, humor, and observation. A day with Steven is like a year of reading and applying the lessons of life. I didn’t know that confronting some of my personal demons could be so much fun! Steven has a great gift of getting you to laugh at yourself, then doing something about it. If you feel blind to your own shortcomings, take a Steven Lake workshop, see other people’s foibles, then, learn in a loving context how our shortcomings are ones that apply to all of us. He makes personal growth in a group context such a joyous and fun-filled journey.

(Cortney Milne, Photographer, Author)

Breathwork...sounds intriguing. Why not give it a try. For years I had tried counselling, meditating, forgiving, soul regression, acupuncture and the list goes on and on. For me this experience was a life changing day! Years of anger, regret, loss and pain washed over every fibre of me inside and out. The release that I experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually in this one session changed every day that has followed since.


Very lively, interactive and nourishing.

(Kathie Hoge, Cosmopolitan Industries)

I found the workshop an eye-opening event. . . . The role playing and training was fun and rewarding. It gave me the confidence to try to utilize and practice some new learned behaviours. Dr. Steve was fun, open and flexible. He came up with some pretty innovative ideas to get around problems we were encountering. The laughter we shared made the whole day fly by.


This was a great presentation. We had good laughs – good ideas to go home with.

(Lynda Bowman, West Central Industries)


(Rhonda Bell, Valley Action Abilities)

Steven appeared very confident and knowledgeable. . . Steven was right on top of the day’s proceedings. It was very powerful; Steven did a great job; no one ‘stumped’ him with a problem. He was able to lead everyone in direct, applicable ways of facing our individual issues. I would highly recommend Steven as a facilitator.

(Robert N. Kavanagh, PhD – Consultant)

Presented in a very upbeat way. I found it very uplifting and energizing.

(Liz Shoofey, Autism Treatment Services)

Excellent. I think this would be beneficial for management, staff and our participants.

(Tracey Wruck, Valley Action Abilities Inc.)

A very easy to understand and humorous session. Very informative.

(Dianne K., MacKenzie Society Ventures)

Very helpful, enjoyable, and useable. Awesome speaker.

(Brenda Katryniouk, Interlake Human Resources)

Dr. Lake did a terrific job of facilitating discussion in addition to offering his own stories and learning. His background in the theatre was evident when giving us the opportunity to act out some of our conflicts and arguments, and to have a second (and third) kick at the can. Dr. Lake opened the workshop by promising that we would have a lot of fun and do a lot of laughing, and in that he did not disappoint.

(David Jackson, Ph.D. Psychologist)

I thought it was a great seminar. Very energizing. Kept my energy UP! Steven is a very good speaker.


Made me appreciate my job and co-workers again.

(Wanda Sweatman, Mallard Inc.)

I think it would be great to have this workshop at my workplace at an “all staff” meeting.

(Tracey Lumgair, Multiworks)

Very enlightening! Hope to improve my relaxation time to recharge for the next day.

(Travis Adamache, Diversified Services)

It was a great learning tool.

(Patricia Zacharias, Rosthern Group Home)